What is DELTA about?

Delta’s Data Center Infrastructure Solutions are positioned as “The power behind competitiveness” by providing highly reliable and efficient power management products and data center infrastructure solutions.

Our goal is to ensure the continuity of our customers’ mission-critical operations while reducing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In data center industries, Delta is a powerful and trustworthy partner to companies that strive to outperform the competition.

InfraSuite - Data Center Infrastructure Total Solutions
InfraSuite, the brand name of Delta’s data center infrastructure total solutions, encompasses UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies), precision cooling, data center management system (DCIM), and racks & accessories. With 40 years of leadership in power electronics, Delta is a reliable partner throughout the data center lifecycle from consultation, design, installation, operation, and maintenance. Whether it’s on-premise or prefabricated data center, Delta is able to offer the optimized turnkey solution to best fit our customers’ requirements.

UPS Solutions
Delta provides comprehensive power protection solutions for mission-critical applications. Our UPS portfolios include both standalone and modular design, Single-phase and Three-Phase configuration, and up to megawatt power capacity. With best-in-class efficiency and redundancy design, Delta’s UPS allows the greatest level of availability, scalability, and resiliency to guarantee always-on protection to mission-critical businesses.

Precision Cooling
As a global leader in power management, Delta is one of the few companies that are capable of developing comprehensive cooling solutions. Delta’s Precision Cooling provides chilled water and direct expansion types, row-based and room-based product lines, with complete manageability and industry-leading efficiency. For various installation sites, Delta is also able to offer customization services to adjust to the environment. Along with Delta’s hot/cold aisle containment, and free cooling technology, Delta precision cooling plays a crucial role for data centers to achieve target PUE goal.

InfraSuite Manager- Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
Delta InfraSuite Manager is the fully-featured DCIM software solution to deliver automation and visibility into the data center and increase the ease of management on a single platform. Incorporating InfraSuite Manager empowers facility managers, IT managers, and CIOs to make fast response and accurate decisions across the entire data center life cycle management.

Our Product Team

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Product Manager

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Business Development Manager

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