News: Let HPE InfoSight Simplify your IT Environment

Let HPE InfoSight simplify your IT Environment

Organizations aim to have the management of their daily IT infrastructure autonomous and hassle-free, predicting and preventing problems automatically and ensuring the ideal environment by balancing performance, cost, and resources. HPE makes this all possible through their AI platform, InfoSight, which is built into HPEs storage systems, servers, networking, and converged infrastructure offerings.


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InfoSight has fundamentally transformed how infrastructure is managed and supported as traditional infrastructure was not designed with the intelligence to effectively harness the data across a hybrid cloud world. More specifically, IT departments are constantly reacting to problems, with considerable time spent on troubleshooting as opposed to spending time on profitable activities. These factors dictate that a new level of intelligent resources needs to be applied to tackle the data challenge.

HPE InfoSight brings simplified, AI-driven operations to your customer’s hybrid cloud world that transforms how infrastructure is managed and supported. It uses cloud-based artificial intelligence to provide global insights into the status and health of infrastructure, all in one location.

Paseka Selepe

 Business Development Manager

80% of issues are simple issues requiring 20% of the time when solving

Traditional troubleshooting techniques can be efficient for simple and common problems, but AI can help with complex and unique problems that you may not encounter daily, which are surprisingly the main culprits associated with troubleshooting. Predictive support enables HPE to deliver a radically enhanced support experience, with 85% less time spent on managing storage issues. 86% of problems are predicted and automatically resolved before customers even realise there is an issue, where 54% are even beyond storage.

AI-driven management has made managing infrastructure effortless with 79% lower storage OpEx and thanks to its self-improving configurations, infrastructure is no longer sitting idle and unconscious.  

With InfoSight, customers get recommendations and predictions that are contextual to their IT environments which is important because every IT environment is different. A spike in CPU usage in one customer’s environment may be an expected activity at a given time in another customer’s requirement depending upon the workloads being run.

InfoSight Cross Stack Analytics for VMware environments

One of the most difficult and common problem for customers is identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks within virtualised environments. HPE InfoSight Cross-Stack Analytics save customer’s tremendous time by correlating storage with VMware to quickly diagnose the root cause of performance problems, and identify if they are coming from the host, VMs, network, or array.

Cross-Stack Analytics for VMware environments include the following features:

  • Noisy neighbours—Determine if VMs are hogging resources from another VM
  • Host and memory analytics—Visibility into host CPU and memory metrics
  • Latency attribution—Identify root cause across host, storage, or SAN
  • Inactive VMs—Visibility into inactive VMs to repurpose/reclaim resources
  • Top performing VMs—Visibility into Top 10 VMs by input/output operations per second (IOPS) and Latency

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