News: Proline – Delivering Entry Level Excellence

Proline – Delivering Entry Level Excellence

Built in Africa, for Africa – Proline’s range of locally assembled products are designed with a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over many years of existence in the IT Industry.

Proline has been around since 1994, and the Pinnacle owned brand has streamlined and stepped up their offering to the local market, providing entry level excellence in truly demanding times.

Proline’s understanding of the local conditions enables them to gain a competitive advantage over other brands which is seen throughout their range of Desktops and Notebooks with their solutions being suitable for a spectrum of sectors including home users, students, small businesses, corporate, and government amongst others.

Proline is a certified Microsoft OEM Partner and supply their desktops and notebooks with the latest version of Windows operating system as well as the latest generation of Intel processors. All Proline computer devices are Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certified, tested and approved in their Proline Research and Development lab.

Having a strong focus on the education sector and the high demand for students to have access to devices across the continent, Proline developed their V Series range of notebooks with students in mind. The Proline Slimline 14” notebook is stacked with premium processing making it as powerful as it is easy to use, without breaking the bank. Powered by Windows 10 Pro, the Proline Slimline was built with mobility in mind and is perfect for when you need to be productive anytime, anywhere

“We wanted to ensure that the Proline Slimline was simple and easy to use. This notebook is great for high-school and university students who are looking for a quality notebook to complete their tasks. Each unit is equipped with a USB 2.0 and 3.0 port, mini-HDMI, audio jack, and TF card slot – everything you need to get yourself started.” - Arno Vorster, Proline Brand Executive at Pinnacle ICT.

Arno Vorster
Brand Executive

Moving up from the Slimline, Proline also offers the Proline FlexiPro 11” notebook. Powered by Windows 10 Pro and equipped with a 1 Year Carry-in Warranty, the Proline FlexiPro allows you to experience 360-degree functionality meaning you can actually flip the 11.6" FHD screen turning your study-ready notebook into a multi-touch display tablet that is perfect for video calls, online study sessions, and even a selfie here and there.

For users that tend to be more desk-centric, Proline provides a range of desktops that are powered for productivity as well as offering reliability you can depend on to maximise your business with the entry-level Carbon and hard-core Titanium Series. Proline’s Carbon Series feature up to 1TB HDD storage, with your choice of an Intel® Pentium Gold™, Intel® Celeron™ or Intel® Core™ i3 11th Gen processor. The Titanium and Titanium+ Series was designed with no comprise on processing power featuring up to 512GB SSD storage, with your choice of an Intel® Pentium Gold™, Intel® Celeron™ or Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 11th Gen processor.

Proline’s product set would not be complete without their range of Mini PC’s designed for both home entertainment and office productivity. Delivering big performance in a small body, the Proline Mini PC range is built to last and easy to mount, making the unit a great addition to your meeting rooms, or even your office or home surveillance kit. As with the range of Proline desktops, users can choose their performance as the Proline Mini PC features your choice of either the entry-level Intel® Celeron™ J4005 Dual-Core processor or the more powerful Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7 10th generation Dual/Quad-Core processor. No matter how demanding your application is, Proline has you covered!

The potential of the Proline brand is limitless with a suitable Proline solution for every need.

For more information, contact Arno Vorster via email [email protected] or phone (011) 265 3361.

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