PR: Introducing Pinnacle Finance

Introducing Pinnacle Finance

Leading ICT distributor, Pinnacle, is excited to announce their newly launched Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) called Pinnacle Finance, aimed at assisting their ICT channel and clientele on OPEX financing deals and transactions.  


While Pinnacle is currently in the process of recruiting a fresh new team to manage their Huawei Consumer division, their stock is expected to land towards early November, allowing them to offer resellers exciting Huawei devices such as notebooks, smartwatches, mobile phones, tablets, as well as Huawei’s MBB range consisting of routers and modems.

Delivering the exceptional forms the core of Pinnacle’s entrepreneurial spirit spanning across service, products, knowledge, technology, and so much more. With Pinnacle Finance, resellers now have the opportunity to have access to assets that may have been unaffordable, assistance with asset management to ease their administrative burdens, as well as the ability to lease-to-own the latest technologies available. Pinnacle Finance is available for resellers within any industry or market sector, whether public or private.


Asset Leasing

By making use of the Pinnacle asset leasing solution, users have access to full use of specialized equipment within the rental agreement period whilst eliminating the hefty financial cost of making a once off purchase. This will assist users with improved cashflow, reduced risk, as well as presenting a strong balance-sheet.


Asset Management

Offered to all clients as a value-added service when making use of Pinnacle Finance, let Pinnacle take on the administrative burden of managing your leased equipment in terms of insurance, on-site management, and various other services which are conveniently combined under one agreement. Pinnacle Finance is also able to assist businesses whose entities are made up of various departments by offering a split report on leased equipment for each department.


Agile Technology Buyback Solution

At Pinnacle we understand the importance of investment. With Pinnacle Finance, clients will be provided with the opportunity to Buyback their leased asset at a significantly reduced rate. Should the client still not be in the position to purchase the asset, their initial asset rental agreement can be extended at no additional cost.

As a starting point, Pinnacle Finance will currently look at opportunities greater than 10 Million ZAR, looking at further opportunities once the unit has developed and grown further. As Pinnacle is home to a large number of vendors, Pinnacle Finance is open to all vendor products distributed through Pinnacle.

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Fred Saayman
Brand Director

“After a successful and longstanding partnership with CommScope, Datanet is excited to add additional Networking innovation that will most certainly simplify and enhance user experience. CommScope is dedicated to empowering organisations with connectivity infrastructure that closes the gap of the digital divide. CommScope works with an ecosystem of partners around the world to create the networks that make smart cities run,”

said Eugene Botes, CommScope Brand Manager at Datanet.