Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a flexible business model that offers tailor-made for customers’ industries and provides built-in security and limited environmental impact. Whether you are a small or medium business (SMB) or a large organisation, together we can find the technology solution that connects your teams and customers best.

Alcatel’s full-featured applications transform communications into a truly collaborative experience:











Rainbow Office Powered By RingCentral

OpenTouch Conversation

Achieve business continuity today and build your future with proven, efficient, and secure communications, networking, and cloud solutions:

Business Continuity


Digital Age Networking

Offering solutions for companies between 1 and 300 users are robust, user-friendly, and tailor-made for your industry. Cloud-based communications improve
company-wide collaboration and enable you to operate in a flexible, secure, and cost-effective way.

Network Products



Location Services

Why is Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise the solution to your business?

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is uniquely positioned to offer Partners and Customers insightful ALE solutions training.  We provide you with the tools to autonomously manage and use ALE solutions efficiently and with confidence. Participants benefit from ALE experience in design, innovative delivery methods, and worldwide presence.

Enterprises can increase profitability and ensure company growth by leveraging new digital transformation-enabled technologies. Training services can help broaden skills and knowledge, accelerate technology adoption, and increase employee efficiency.

No matter your role or company size we offer training to help you use our solutions with confidence

Administrator training: Maximise products use and enable autonomous operation

Partner training: Provide Partners with the tools to deliver the highest level of customer support Certification: Competencies recognition and a qualified guarantee to sell, design and install ALE solutions

Blended learning solution: eBooks, online, classrooms and virtual training sessions, let you reduce training time, save on travel expenses, and maximise your knowledge at lower costs

Customised training: Create training objectives and content to meet specific needs

Dedicated session: Maximise skill acquisition and focus content to your business priorities

Onsite training: Combine privacy, flexibility, teamwork and cost savings

Get Ready for the future

Skilled Employees

Trained staff use solutions efficiently

What is ALCATEL-LUCENT about?


Our mission is to deliver the customized technology experience customers need to make everything connect. We offer on-premises, cloud and hybrid networking and communications solutions for your people, processes and customers.


We provide Digital Age Networking and hybrid cloud communications solutions with flexible business models and services tailored for vertical solutions in Healthcare, Government, Hospitality, Transportation and Education.


We strive to succeed based on 3 values:

  • Speed and agility: Make informed decisions quickly, take calculated risks, commit to a plan and execute it, focus on great results, make things simple and learn quickly from our mistakes
  • Customer centricity: Make our customers, partners and colleagues our first priority, listen, understand and care about their needs
  • Reliability: Be accountable for our actions and build relationships based on trust


From 1919 up to present day, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise history has been nurtured by merges, expansion and technology empowerment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are part of what defines us as a company. We are committed to help make the world a better place.

Executive Briefing Center

The EBC showcases ALE products, vision and strategy with a warm welcome to customers and partners at our headquarters in France.

Our Product Team

Mohammed Kader
Product Manager

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Mmasetshaba Ramonedi
Junior Pre-Sales

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Gerhard Gouws
Brand Director: Enterprise

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Ahmed Kajee
Business Unit Manager

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