Refund Request Requirements 

Please note that in order to process your refund the following documents are required: 

  1. Email requesting the refund to be done. 
  2. Company Banking Details 

    Please stipulate your banking details on your company letterhead with the following information: 

    BANK NAME : 
  3. Reason for the Refund Request 

    Please also stipulate on your company letterhead reason for refund, as well as the ZAR Rand amount requested. 
  4. Proof of Beneficiary Banking Details 

    Please provide either a cancelled cheque or letter on your banker’s letterhead confirming your banking details. 
  5. Proof of Payment 

    Please provide either, EFT confirmations, Debit Card slips, Credit Card slips OR Cash receipts. 

Refund Policy Notes

Please take careful note of the following; 

  1. Refund can only be paid into the same account name and account holder, it was remitted from, with exception to a Credit Card payment. 
  2. Refunds cannot be refunded to Credit Card, via EFT transfer. 
    Hence we would appreciate your assistance in providing details of your Cheque (Current) or Savings account, in the same name as the Credit Card account name utilised for payment. 
  3. Any form of payments must reflect in the Pinnacle Micro’s banking account for ten (10) working days from date of payment, prior to refund. 
  4. All refund requests are processed and payable on a FRIDAY only. 
    This is conditional to ALL the above information and documentation being received no later than MONDAY, prior to the FRIDAY process day. 
    If the above information and documentation is ONLY received after MONDAY, then refund will ONLY be effected by the following FRIDAY. 
  5. Refunds can be released between a minimum of 7 working days to a maximum of 14 working days, from the date of the refund request, dependant on the above information and documentation provided and availability of signatories to approve and effect the refund. 


Website order cancellations can be made within 24 hours of purchase. Cancellations can be only be made for purchases on account, purchases via card or EFT will need to be refunded by submitting the below refund request.

Refund Request

Send your refund or return request application with all of the required documents as stipulated above.