About Guardicore

Guardicore is the segmentation company disrupting the legacy firewall market. The software only approach is decoupled from the physical network, providing a faster alternative to firewalls. Built for the agile enterprise, offering greater security and visibility in the cloud, data-centre and endpoint.

Whats makes Guardicore the best segmentation solution?

Broadest Coverage, Guardicore protects critical assets no matter where they are deployed or accessed. In the cloud, on-premises, virtual servers, bare metal, or containers. Consistent Policy Enforcement,Guardicore enables the same level of granular, process-level rules across different operating environments like Windows and Linux.

Faster and Simpler Segmentation, Guardicore supports a flexible allowlist/denylist model for fast risk reduction with a few rules. Others force you into a complex allowlist only model. No Changes, No Downtime, Guardicore’s software-based approach to segmentation gets you faster results with no changes to networks, applications, and no downtime.

More Legacy System Support, Guardicore supports more legacy operating systems, such as Windows 2003, CentOS 6, and RHEL5, and AS400. Comprehensive Breach Detection, Guardicore provides multiple breach detection capabilities, including reputation analysis, dynamic deception, and threat intelligence firewall.

The fastest way to visualize and segment your assets in the data centre
cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructure

Data collection

Your team uses one of the zero-impact, zero-software methods offered by Guardicore to collect network data from your critical applications. No connection is established by Guardicore at any point to your environment/servers.
Bare-bones server offerings

Data analysis

Guardicore analyzes the data collected after you send it to us. Note that we do not share or use the data for anything other than the analysis and report. Twin family of fully featured 1U systems with 2 nodes and 2U systems with 4 nodes per unit

Risk reduction

Guardicore generates your personalized attack surface reduction report, which contains maps detailing the communication paths to and from your critical applications before and after a segmentation policy is deployed (i.e., the applications’ attack surface before and
after segmentation).

Value visualization

Use the visual representation, quantified risk reduction analysis, and general explanation of attack surfaces, risk reduction, and methodology to move forward with your
segmentation plans.

Patented dynamic deception

Centra features a high-interaction deception engine that disrupts attackers and captures attack details, including reputation analysis that detects suspicious domain names, IP addresses and file hashes within traffic flows.

Guardicore provides your organization with a full time dedicated engineer, certified in Guardicore technology, to partner with your internal security and networking teams to:

Achieve better business outcomes with Guardicore Centra by applying specialized experience and best practices

Reduce risk by proactively assessing your Guardicore implementation and taking ownership of issue management, escalation, and resolution

Provide infrastructure insights to key stakeholders through regular reviews and reporting

Advise on future scaling needs based on infrastructure and Guardicore Centra usage trends

Respond quickly to new requests from application owners and provide insights

Preview new Guardicore features and capabilities and educate your team on the latest product enhancements

Reduce your attack surface and simplify digital transformation

Prevent Lateral Movement

Control east/west traffic to reduce your data centre and cloud attack surface

Protect Your
Digital Crown

Blanket the applications that matter most to your business with precise security controls

Simplify & Accelerate Compliance

Isolate systems that are subject to regulatory requirements simply and effectively

Adopt Cloud & PaaS Securely

Implement infrastructure-agnostic security policies that work consistently across legacy bare metal servers and all forms of cloud


Integrate security with application development without time-consuming software changes, infrastructure changes, or downtime

Our Product Team

Gerhard Gouws
Brand Director: Enterprise

[email protected]
+27 (11) 265 3190

Samantha Naicker
Business Unit Manger

[email protected]
+27 (11) 265 3285

What is Guardicore about?

Guardicore is the segmentation company disrupting the legacy firewall market. Our software only approach is decoupled from the physical network, providing a faster alternative to firewalls. Built for the agile enterprise, we offer greater security and visibility in the cloud, data-center and endpoint.

Our mission goes beyond creating great technology. We continuously engage with our customers as a trusted partner, ensuring they maximize the value of their security investments beyond their original goals and expectations.