Inuvika OVD Enterprise makes application virtualization easy.

Our focus is on fast, effortless app delivery, versus the complexity, slowness and user agonies common to competing solutions. Inuvika OVD Enterprise’s brilliance lies in its simplicity and ability to work with existing infrastructure, while needing far less computing horsepower.


What is Inuvika about?

Service without speedbumps

Inuvika OVD Enterprise lets users get the Windows and Linux applications and desktops they need on any connected device, anywhere. It's an alternative to Citrix and VMware, but without the cost and complexity.

OVD is easy to deploy and manage, meaning no pricey consultants waiting around for the next hiccup. And it integrates into today's enterprise – cloud-based or on-premise environments. We don’t make you rip old stuff out, like hypervisors, storage, or directory services. We deploy cleanly, integrate fast, and deliver an exceptional user experience.



Curious? Hesitant?
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Need a secure and cost-effective virtualized app and shared desktop delivery alternative to Citrix and VMware? OVD lowers overall costs by up to 50%.

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Our Product Team

Samantha Naicker
Brand Manager 

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Gerhard Gouws
Head of Brand: Enterprise

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Gerhard Breytenbach
Enterprise Solutions: Head of Pre-Sales & Architecting

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