What is MICROSOFT about?


We believe technology can and should be a force for good and that meaningful innovation can and will contribute to a brighter world in big and small ways.

Diversity and inclusion

We thrive on diverse voices. We engage our employees’ and customers’ experiences, strengths, and different points of view to inform, challenge, and stretch our thinking. This is how we innovate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe technology is a powerful force for good and are working to foster a sustainable future where everyone has access to the benefits and opportunities created by technology.

Our Product Team

Michelle Olivier
Product Manager

[email protected] 
+27 (11) 265 3000

Pearl Maseko
Product Assistant

[email protected] 
+27 (11) 265 3378

Phillip Thompson
Head Of Brand:
Advanced Technologies, Microsoft, Pinnpos, Proline

[email protected] 
+27 (11) 265 3317

Christelle Fensham
Business Unit Manager

[email protected] 
+27 (11) 265 3312

Terry-Lyn Few
Business Development Manager

[email protected] 
+27 (11) 265 3292