What is NUTANIX about?

Nutanix was founded with a bold vision: to make managing IT infrastructure so simple that it becomes invisible. It all started with bringing together compute, storage, networking, and virtualization in one invisible stack. And now? We’re making clouds invisible too.

Today, our industry-leading Enterprise Cloud platform is enabling thousands of companies to run their apps and workloads with unparalleled performance in whichever cloud makes sense—private, public, or edge—knowing it’s working seamlessly with minimal intervention.

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Our Product Team

Richard Lace
Business Unit Manager

[email protected]
+27 (11) 265 3191

Gerhard Gouws 
Head of Brand: Enterprise

[email protected] 
+27 (11) 265 3405

Johan Lötter 
Chief Technical Officer

[email protected]
+27 (11) 265 3190