Pinnacle Enterprise Solutions, known as Pinnes is a strategically formed division within Pinnacle that specifically focuses on developing turnkey enterprise solutions for a large variety of clients. 
Pinnes provides tailor-made ICT architecture to fit specific requirements of the unique client and or project-based circumstances.

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Inuvika OVD Enterprise enables organizations of any size or type to deliver virtualized Window and Linux applications and shared desktops to users on any device, anywhere. It does it without the cost and complexity of competing solutions from Citrix and VMware. OVD can be deployed on site, or on leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. It installs in minutes, not days, requires less hardware overhead to purchase, and includes a single Webbased management console that makes administration easy. It also delivers a fast and fluid user experience with apps that launch in seconds. Best of all, OVD is sold as a 100% OPEX-based subscription plan. There are no costly upfront perpetual licenses. OVD solutions can be delivered for half the cost of Citrix or VMware.Inuvika OVD Enterprise enables organizations of any size or type to deliver virtualized Window and Linux applications and shared desktops to users on any device, anywhere. It does it without the cost and complexity of competing solutions from Citrix and VMware. 

Key Product Points: 

  • Work with Windows and Linux applications together at the same time, in the same user interface
  • Provides a familiar Windows or Linux shared desktop on any device or browser
  • Supports delivery to any device:
    - macOS, Windows and Linux devices/laptops
    - iOS and Android phones and tablets
    - Chromebook
    - Raspberry Pi and other select thin client devices
    - Any device that supports an HTML 5-compatible browser
  • Deployed as an on-premise solution, on leading cloud platforms (Azure, Amazon, GCP) or as a hosted service by Inuvika managed service provider partners
  • Deploys on Linux, reducing costly Microsoft licensing requirements
  • Supports multi-tenant environments
  • Highly secure design centralizes and protects sensitive corporate data while also giving IT managers the ability to finely control user access privileges
  • Integrates with today’s leading Enterprise standards, making installation fast and easy:
    - Any hypervisor and is certified Nutanix AHV Ready
    - Microsoft Active Directory, or any LDAP-compatible directory service
    - External CIFS/NFS/WebDav storage
    - Subscription plans include all updates that are released during the period of the plan.


  • App Portability: OVD is a bridge that lets organizations move app workloads into the cloud, opening up new opportunities to reduce costs and improve accessibility.
  • Improved Security: Centralize storage and execution of all data and applications within a secure data center. Implement strong user privileges to the point where no data is ever transmitted to the user device itself, downloaded, copied or printed, minimizing the risk of data theft or loss.
  • Optimize software licenses: Control and customize application delivery to individual users or groups as needed.
  • Support BYOD: Access mission-critical Windows and Linux apps on any device. Deploy next generation devices without sacrificing productivity existing business applications.
  • Enable workforce mobility: Users can safely connect to an OVD environment from any location with a network connection, without the need for a VPN.
  • Reduce costs: By centralizing and delivering applications through the cloud, organizations can reduce costs associated with maintain expensive laptops and desktops.
  • Local and Web print support is included.
  • Multi-tenant isolation: Support multiple AD environments on a single instance of OVD; leverage shared or dedicated resources securely.

Top Drivers of Virtualization Adoption:

  • Improve security of corporate data
  • Address regulatory compliance
  • Reduce cost of owning and managing PCs
  • Improve workforce mobility
  • Support BYOD or PC alternative programs
  • Cloud-enable your business while leveraging existing investments in mission-critical applications


You need the right infrastructure to transform your business. We have the best solution for you.

The industry’s largest portfolio of servers & storage is now even better than before.

With over 100 new SuperServer and SuperStorage systems supporting the 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor there is bound to be a no-compromise workload-optimized system for your exact needs.






Supermicro’s new SuperServer-based solutions provide 5G network infrastructure with maximum deployment flexibility and low total cost of ownership (TCO),

leveraging our innovative hardware design capabilities plus virtualization and open-architecture software stacks.
These solutions include our first servers for 5G, the Intelligent Edge, and other embedded applications to be based on 2nd Gen Intel Xeon processors.

The E403-9PFN2T for demanding environments and the compact 1U 1019P-FHN2T for controlled environments such as microdata centres and re-purposed central office locations.

5G and our Planet


5G Networks will Power Life-Changing Applications



Supermicro received an IPO Award 2019 in "Strategic point of light partners"



Supermicro unveils MegaDC Servers, optimized for large scale, rapid deployment time and the highest performance. This new line of servers supports open standards like OpenBMC and OCP V3.0 SFF Cards.



Charles Liang, Supermicro CEO

"As we continue to rapidly expand our production capacity, Supermicro is now well-positioned to service hyper-scale datacenters. With that in mind, we have designed the new MegaDC server product line exclusively for internet-scale datacenter customers."